Ahtasiaa .

#photographs #photography #Swag #swagger #SwagGirl #Chicago #bulls #23 #Nikon #tagsforlikes #beautiful


#photographs #photography #Swag #swagger #SwagGirl #Chicago #bulls #23 #Nikon #tagsforlikes #beautiful

Bitchh Im Real ( :

Put a colour in the Quote to me

RED- I love you romantically

SALMON- I love you platonically

PINK- I have a crush on you

OLIVE- I used to love you but now I don’t

MAGENTA- I’m secretly in love with you

ORANGE- I don’t think you realise my feelings for you

BLACK- I want to have sex with you

GREY- I want to cuddle with you

SILVER- I don’t know how I feel about you

YELLOW- I want to be friends with you

NAVY- You’re my best friend

TEAL- You complete me

GREEN- I trust you with my life

EMERALD- I’d do anything for you

PURPLE- I’d spend my life with you

COBALT- I feel sad when you get hurt

AQUAMARINE- I’m terrified of losing you

WHITE- You scare me

TAUPE- I want you to die

BROWN- I want to kill you

AMBER- I like seeing you in pain

VERMILLION- I hope something horrible happens to you

MAROON- I hate you

PLUM- You are my enemy

PUCE- Life would be better without you

Awhh ( : Im Thinkkn Bout You Too ( :
Awh ( : ILY TOo ! Wyd ?
Wheree My Husband At ?
Lol ( : Nahh , Im 1 Year Younger -________- andd Im Rite HEre Negrooo .!

that pic u jss RB , was me and my sister . awkwardd .

Awh :( Findd Tha Charger !
ILY Husbandd ( :
Boutt Time You Get On ( :
Manee , He Needa Get On .